White Morel Mushrooms (Morchella americana) are another reason to celebrate spring in Vermont. Though I've foraged and eaten other wild mushroom species here, this is the first year I've picked and eaten morels.
Preparation: Washed, salted, washed again, sauteed with garlic and onion and fresh rosemary, added soy sauce and honey and vinegar, added sweet potato and red pepper, laid over tricolor quinoa.
Identification: It's always important to be sure of a positive identification when eating wild mushrooms. True morels are hollow from cap to stem, with a cap that is fully connected to the stem at its base — unlike false morels, which have a solid stem, and cap that is only attached to the stem towards its top.


Photographs from the Quiet Wilderness of Pawlet, Vermont by Ryan Van Meter

Photographs & Words © 2023 — Ryan Van Meter